What is WebM?

WebM is a video/image format that aims to reduce bandwidth usage and to replace the GIF format. WebMs load faster, run smoother, and support for more than 256 colors. But in some scenarios(e.g. WhatsApp Messenger), WebM is not as popular as GIF format. See more.

What is screen2webm?

  1. Record a certain area on your screen to create WEBM video
  2. Encode video while recording, get it immediately without temporary image
  3. FREE without any limit
  4. Portable application without FFMPEG

Download Now (v1.1.0, 3207KB, win7/win8/win10)

FAQ: Why my created video runs black?

External games or video renders may be not be captured, if they are using hardware acceleration (which means their video memory is private and not strictly accessible to external entities).
Please google "Turn off Hardware Acceleration" in your media player (e.g. VLC Player).