What is iGIFmaker?

  1. Record a certain area on your screen to create Animated GIFs
  2. Extremely small file size of created GIF
  3. Add multiple texts on GIF
  4. Paste your own TEXT/IMAGE logo on GIF
  5. Open/Modify existing GIFs
  6. Delete unwanted frames
  7. Insert/Combine two GIFs/images
  8. Change GIF's speed
  9. Record mouse action

Download Now (v4.5.7, 1740KB, winXP/win7/win8/win10)

Download Mac Version (from Mac App Store)

If Win10, get iGIFmaker from Microsoft Store

FAQ: Why "iGIFmaker.com" watermark on my GIF?

iGIFmaker is the freeware, which can produce animated GIFs without time limitation and image quality loss, but it will place a "iGIFmaker.com" watermark on your created GIFs. It is used to advertise iGIFmaker on Internet.
The Registration Key can remove this watermark. Would you please send a donation to contact@iGIFmaker.com at PayPal.

Pay as You Like:

Also please note that all price options get you the same thing:
On payment approval, the email address you use while paying will receive the registration key immediately and you can remove watermark for ever.
If you have not received an email within an hour, please contact contact@iGIFmaker.com and I'll have a look.

FAQ: Why my created GIF is blank?

External games or video renders may be not be captured, if they are using hardware acceleration (which means their video memory is private and not strictly accessible to external entities).
You should turn off Hardware Acceleration in OS.

To turn off hardware acceleration in Windows 7:

  1. Choose Start > Control Panel.
  2. Double click Personalization and select Display Settings.
  3. Click Advanced Settings
  4. Click Change Settings on the Troubleshooting tab
  5. Move the Hardware Acceleration slider to None.
  6. Click Apply and then click OK to accept the new setting and close the dialog box.
  7. Click OK to close the Display Properties dialog box
  8. Restart Windows (possible)

FAQ: What's the difference between Youtube2GIF software and iGIFmaker? They seem similar.

Unfortunately, due to recent product policy changes, many software sites are no longer able to assist with DRM-related product downloads. All software which provide the functionality of saving Youtube videos have already been removed.

So the Youtube2GIF Maker is renamed iGIFmaker. They are same.
And in the future, I am going to stop the upgrade of Youtube2GIF. Please follow my new website of iGIFmaker.com. Thanks.